Tensile Testers / Universal Testing Machines

Tensile Testers / Universal Testing Machines, view our extensive range of electromechanical and servo-hydraulic material testing machines for just about any universal tensile testing requirement.

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Electromechanical Tensile Testers / Universal Testing Machines

Single and twin column for testing a large range of materials and force ranges from 0.01 N to 1000 kN. Typical tests performed are tensile, compressive, peel, shear, tear, bond and bend (3 and 4 point bend). Materials often tested include, packaging materials, plastics, metals, composites, building materials etc.

Servo Hydraulic Tensile Testers / Universal Testing Machines

For more demanding materials testing with high capacity frames and load cells 400 kN & 2000 kN. Typical tests include tensile, bend and compressive. As standard are machines and have heavy duty stiff frames and crossheads.

Typical Industries served by our extensive range

Academia, composites, automotive, aerospace, pharma, packaging, paper, plastics, metal processing, electronics.

For use in research and development and quality control testing.

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Buying from AML means your not limited to one manufacture of materials testing machine, as standard we can select from four different leading manufactures!

With this large selection of machines our engineers will find the best suited testing machine to your exact requirements. On top of our usual manufactures we can also design and build bespoke testing machines or customise standard machines. This coupled with our extensive range of grips and fixtures means there is just about no test we can perform!

Contact us today and speak with our friendly and experienced materials testing experts.