Servo-Hydraulic Dynamic Fatigue Test Machine BMT-D Series

Servo-Hydraulic Dynamic Fatigue Test Machine BMT-D Series

Manufactured by Besmak

Dynamic Fatigue Test Machine BMT-D Series from Besmak in Turkey are industry leading Dynamic Fatigue Test Machines. These advanced material testing machines are ideally suited to a wide range of materials including, steel, composites, plastics, rubber and many more.

The Servo-Hydraulic Dynamic Fatigue Test Machine are the highly dependable workhorse of any materials testing laboratory. They can perform a wide range of low and high cycle fatigue, fracture toughness, crack propagation and other dynamic tests. Furthermore when equipped with the necessary grips and fixtures the machines can also be used for a wide range of static tests including tensile, compression, shear and bend thus making these a truly Universal Testing Machine.

Each Dynamic Fatigue Test Machine is equipped with a state of the art controller and servo control system the system is supplied advanced software ensuring ease of use.

Frame / load cell sizes from 25 kN to 5000 kN

We can customise standard Fatigue Test Machines or we can design and build bespoke testing machines to meet your exact needs.

Servo-Hydraulic Dynamic Fatigue Test Machine BMT-D Series Features

Our Dynamic Fatigue Test Machines offer many great features at a competitive price. Backed up by AML’s famous post sales support, our engineers are on hand to ensure you get the most of your dynamic test machine and make sure it’s working exactly as it should.

  • Precision aligned, high stiffness test frame with twin columnsServo-Hydraulic Dynamic Fatigue Test Machine BMT-D Series Features
  • Dynamic and static tests can be performed on the same frame
  • Wide range of hydraulic power and control options to meet your dynamic testing requirements
  • Hydraulically adjustable cross head for precise positioning, with advanced locking system ensuring a rigid and safe test frame.
  • Advanced fatigue rated load cells
  • Remote control hand held unit supplied as standard
  • Wide range of grips, fixtures, environmental chambers and extensometers available

EDC Electronic Control Unit

The Servo-Hydraulic Dynamic Fatigue Test Machine BMT-D Series is controlled by the latest generation of EDC (Electronic Control Unit). This EDC is the world’s most sensitive dynamic control system and was first developed in 1975.

The ECD obtains the signals from the test frame, load cell and extensometer and ensures close control of the machines parameters. The controller accepts a wide range of inputs and when configured, accessories such as additional load cells or extensometers can be plugged in and are automatically recognised by the controller and software.


Dynamic Fatigue Test Machine SoftwareDynamic Fatigue Test Machine Software

All Dynamic Fatigue Test Machines come equipped with powerful yet easy to use software. Ensuring real time collection of data and control of the machine. The software allows the configuration of all test types with easy customisation of the reports etc. to meet your exact needs.

  • Intuitive, easy to use icon driven interface, ensuring minimal operator training
  • Advanced design ensuring full visibility of the test and frame
  • Flexibility in the design and output type of the reports
  • Automatic saving after each test
  • Complete control over graph for real time capture of the desired sensor
  • User defined reporting, allowing the definition of the correct calculus for the data required
  • All test settings are saved to ensure the easy replication of any test in the future
  • Automatic sensor recognition, plug and play!
  • Multiple languages available
  • 24/7 online support

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