Force Gauges & Test Stands

Force gauges test and quantifies the amount of force applied to an object. Used to test by applying a pull or pushing force (tensile or compressive force) 

Testing force allows you to understand the limitations of the material, product or component. This can assist with health and safety recommendations, product specifications that can highlight imperfections, and allow customers to design & manufacture better materials or products.

The advantage AML has is we supply a wide range of full-size materials testing machines and we can use this experience to advise on more basic setups using a force gauge. Contact us to find out more or use the buttons below to explore our models.

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We supply low-cost Force Gauges & Test Stands, table-mounted and hand-held, to fit a wide range of needs & tests. From tensile strength to peel, opening force, and compression, our force gauge calibration services and products keep you performing at your very best. These products and services are backed up by our experienced materials testing engineers who can help you ensure you select the correct gauge, stand and also get the most out of your purchase. 

Force Gauges 

These can be used with our without a test stand. A test stand allows a more controlled application of the force which greatly improves the accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility of the tests. 

Benefits of Force gauges:

  • Compression, peel, tensile strength, and shear force measurements
  • Highly accurate measurements
  • Low cost
  • Robust construction for long term use
  • AML are leading experts in materials testing

Leading Force Gauge Equipment and Calibration

We offer leading standards and practices in force gauge calibration. Our friendly and professional team can work off-site or on-site to reduce downtime. We can also assist with suggestions for services, calibrations, and products to ensure your equipment performs to a high standard for years to come. Find out more about our force gauge accessories, calibration, test stands, and other various force calibration services and products by contacting us today.

The full range is not listed on the website. All our force gauges and test stands are manufactured by SAUTER GmbH in Germany.

AML Instruments – Tried and Trusted

AML Instruments are market leaders. We pride ourselves on our customer service, competitive pricing and UKAS accreditation. Our team has over 40 years sourcing, testing, and selling the very best instrumentation and are happy to offer you our extensive range of force gauges. For more information contact us or click on the Find Out More buttons.