Adhesives & Tapes

We offer a selection of tape and adhesive testing equipment to support everything from gloss and viscosity to tensile strength. The products below are all sourced from highly reputable manufacturers and are designed for long-term, accurate use. Please use the categories below or contact our sales team directly for more information and support.

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Tensile Testers / Universal Tensile Testing Machine

Tensile Tester / Universal Testing Machine Accessories

Balances & Scales

Laboratory Ovens

Moisture Meters & Moisture Analysers

Thickness Gauges & Micrometers

Environmental Chambers

VICAT / HDT Apparatus

Internal Tear Testers Elmendorf Tear Tester

Sample Preparation / Sample Cutters

Gloss Meters

Viscosity Test Equipment

Force Gauges & Test Stands

Transmission Haze Meters

Environmental Test Equipment

Laboratory Heat Sealer

pH Meter - Wide Range For Laboratory And Field Use

Density Meter

Conductivity Meter for Reliable Measurements and Monitoring

Conductivity Sensors for Accurate Conductivity Measurement

Conductivity Solution

pH Sensors Fast And Reliable Measurements

PH Buffer Solution For Consistent and Accurate Calibration

A Wide Range of Applications

Typical tests performed on adhesives and adhesive tapes. 

  • Peel strength
  • Bond strength 
  • Shear strength
  • Tack strength
  • Tensile strength 
  • Viscosity of adhesive
  • Thickness of tape
  • Weathering properties of the tape or adhesive

AML Instruments are experts in the field of testing adhesives and adhesive tapes and have solutions for all tests and test methods. We can also help advise on the correct testing methods for your application. On top of our industry-leading advice, we have some very competitively priced test equipment and can provide training once it has been purchased. 

Testing should form part of the R&D process of new adhesives and tapes as well as the quality control during the manufacturing process. Where you purchase adhesives or tape you should verify the quality of the products you order!

From peel testing equipment & fixtures to tensile testers, ovens and furnaces or thickness gauges and viscometers we have the adhesive testing equipment you need to push your tapes and adhesives to their limits.

AML Instruments – Leaders in Adhesive Testing Equipment

AML Instruments are leaders in the field of instrumentation and calibration. We pride ourselves on our competitive prices, reliable customer service and UKAS accreditation. 

Find out more about our tapes and adhesives testing equipment or contact us to find out more and to get friendly professional advice. Not all our equipment is listed on our website; we have solutions for all types of adhesive tests!