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Wedge grips are made from a solid body with jaws that slide in a wedge shaped groove. This works in conjunction with a lever to open and close the grip, providing maximum efficiency. This design is tried and tested and has been around since the very first materials testing machines. Simple and robust, wedge grips work on a range of different materials including composites, metals and plastics. 

These powerful grips are designed for easy alignment, loading, and positioning. This allows for maximum gripping power without compromising on quality, lifespan or grip strength. We stock wedge grips of varying tensile strength from 10kN to 2000kN. Our grips comply with the leading testing ISO & ASTM standards and are designed to last for decades. 

Wedge Grip Features and Benefits

  • Self-gripping force – the gripping force is proportional to the tensile force
  • Quick and easy-to-use 
  • Minimise the chance of sample slippage
  • Can be used for round and flat specimens
  • Large range of jaw surfaces and sizes available
  • Can be used inside environmental chambers for reduced or elevated temperature testing. 


How do wedge grips keep your load in place

Wedge grips are self-gripping. This grip maintains an increasing pressure on the specimen as the tensile force increases. This  tensile force is transferred  through the wedge design to jaws to ensure the material holds loads fast and doesn’t slip. These grips are easy to use and allow for quick sample mounting. It also reduces strain on staff with an easy operation that doesn’t require physical exertion. 


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