Charpy / Izod Impact Tester

We offer Charpy Impact Test equipment and Izod Impact test equipment services for testing metals. These applications are used in many different industries to determine the toughness or impact strength of a material.  Our precise impact testers are available in Charpy and Izod methods. Take a look at the products below or contact our sales team for expert advice and support.

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The Charpy and Izod methods are similar and both work on the same principle, where the specimen is held firmly and a weighted pendulum strikes it. The amount of energy absorbed by the breaking specimen is then measured.  

Brittle materials, like glass and ceramics, generally absorb less energy as opposed to ductile materials like aluminium and copper. 

Knowing this property is critical as it helps predict the amount of plastic deformation it will withstand before failure. 

Charpy Impact Test

The most common test methods for this test are

ISO 148 ASTM E23, ASTM A370, EN 10045-1. For polymers the methods are ISO 179 & ASTM D6110 

Izod Impact Test

The most common tests for this method are 

ISO 180, ASTM E23 & ASTM D256

AML – Tried and Trusted Suppliers

We are UK agents for two leading manufacturers of Charpy & Izod testers. Their systems allow incredibly accurate testing systems to ensure your results are both repeatable and reproducible. 

AML has dedicated impact testers for plastics and metals with hammer ranges from 0.5J to 750J! All impact testers can be configured for Charpy or Izod or supplied with hammers and supports for both methods. 

We also supply temperature baths for non-abmindent testing from -100°C to 300°C & notching equipment for all material types

Furthermore, we also offer calibration and repair services to ensure your Charpy Impact tests are accurate for thousands of specimens.

AML Instruments are leaders in the field of scientific instrumentation. We pride ourselves on our competitive prices, reliable customer service and UKAS accreditation. Find out more about our Charpy and Izod Impact Testing above or contact us directly to find out more.