Vertical Tensile Test Machine

Vertical Tensile Test Machine

Manufactured by AJT Equipment Limited

Vertical Tensile Test Machines are suited for a wide range of tests across all industries. Typical tests include tensile, proof load of chains, hooks shackles or other components.

Vertical Tensile Test Machine manufactured in the U.K. by AJT, who have been designing and making Vertical Tensile Test Machines for over 70 years!

Vertical Tensile Test Machine Features

Vertical Tensile Test Machines can be configured to test at a fixed length or can utilise a fully counterbalanced carriage to allow testing at any testing length.

All tensile machines at AJT are designed and built to meet each customers needs. These machines are 100% bespoke, we don’t believe in compromises!

All test machines are built to ensure safe and easy operation in accordance with the machinery directive.

  • PC control or manual control to suit your requirements.
  • Optional software for machine control and data capture with the functionality to produce detailed and customisable test reports.
  • Interlocked guarding ensuring safe operation. The guards can be manually or pneumatically operated.
  • Fitted as standard with a in house designed clevis system, or options to have other grips and fixtures
  • Calibrated to the requirements or ISO 7500-1 or other National or International standard as request.
  • Typical machine sizes from 5 tonnes (11,000 ibs) to 2000 tonnes (4,400,000 ibs).
  • Cyclic or static tests can be performed
  • Worldwide, sales, installations, training and calibration available

AJT have been building tensile testing equipment in the Black Country West Midlands, this is the home of the engineering industry in the UK. AJT have been building tensile testing machines since 1951!  

Contact us today and our experienced sales engineers are on hand to help determine the specification of the Vertical Tensile Test Machine to your exact needs. 

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