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Gloss Meters to measure just about any material. AML have one of the widest ranges of products available. If you can’t find what you need, please get in touch with us today.

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60˚ Glossmeter

For medium gloss levels. Considered the universal gloss meter.

20˚ & 60˚Glossmeter

For low to medium gloss levels.

20˚ 60˚ & 85˚ Glossmeter

For low, medium and high gloss levels.


For measurement of plastic films, fabrics, anodised surfaces and ceramics.


For the measurement of paper and paper products.

20˚ 60˚ 75˚Glossmeter

For the measurement of paper and paper products as well as low and medium gloss applications.

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Or to read more about gloss measurement read our guide here

We also provide a calibration and repair service for most types and manufactures of gloss meters. We use UKAS certified gloss standards and our engineers are factory trained on the calibration and service of gloss meters. Our gloss meter calibration service is available onsite so no need to pack your expensive and delicate equipment up and ship it.