Environmental Chambers

Environmental Chambers, also known as Climatic Chambers, Thermal Chambers and Tube Furnaces. They are ideal testing instruments for stability testing (temperatures and humidity), sample preparation and performance testing of devices such as data loggers.

  • Testing of consumer goods
  • Conditioning of materials for further testing
  • Testing of medical devices
  • Testing of materials
  • Simulated ageing Component testing
  • Battery testing

AML Instruments is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of climatic chambers manufactured within the European Union by world-renowned manufacturers. 

With a vast range of chamber sizes, from small desktops to ones large enough to drive in two double-decker buses! We are here to support you beyond the purchasing of a climatic chamber. As well as supplying we can also provide you with technical support, training and an optional maintenance & calibration plan.

If you already own an environmental chamber, we can provide you with a servicing plan to keep your current project running smoothly. At AML Instruments, we pride ourselves on our customer service, so please contact us if you have any questions or queries.

During regular working hours, you can use our Live Chat, in the bottom right corner of this website, or phone Tel:01522 789375. Outside of regular working hours, please use our contact form, where we will get back to you ASAP.

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Independent Advice

As an independent, family-run calibration & instrumentation company, we are in the unique position to provide you with unbiased advice. We care about your business and the goals you are aiming for.

So, we will source the right temperature and humidity chamber for your requirements.

What Are Environmental Test Chambers Used For?

As the name suggests, environmental chambers simulate different environmental conditions, such as heat, cold, fog, dust and smoke. Generally, this is temperature and relative humidity. However, we have chambers and options to simulate sunlight/dark, vibration/noise and rainfall. AML also has a range of salt spray chambers for corrosion resistance and coating testing. 

Environmental chambers are widely used in product, component and material testing. Testing temperature and humidity levels are the most common tests.

Product and Equipment Testing

Product designers and engineers test the quality and safety of their products by exposing them to the expected temperature ranges, ensuring they meet the current industry standards. A climate chamber can easily replicate the correct testing conditions.

Benefits of Environmental Chambers

  • Broad heat and humidity ranges
  • Models that can be fitted to Universal Testing Machines
  • Precise environmental control (altitude-oxygen, air pressure, rain-water, ice and snow, temperature and wind)
  • Bespoke testing conditions
  • Easy to use and set up
  • UKAS ISO 17025 calibration certificates are available.
  • Onsite installation, commissioning and training are available.

Market-Leading Testing and Assurance

By simulating specific environments, our environmental test chambers allow you to evaluate the properties of your materials and identify any weaknesses or flaws. You can also test for specific effects, such as decay and degradation, to help predict the lifespan/reliability of a material or product.

An important tool for quality assurance and research & development of new materials and products.

Our Test Chambers

Our climatic chambers cover all aspects of the environment, from heat and light to humidity, climate response, and photo-stability. We have the right test chamber for you, whether you need a thermal chamber for a Universal Testing Machine or chambers to assist in lab analysis. 

 Our full product range/stock isn’t listed, so please contact us if you can not find a particular product or model. We specialise in offering bespoke test chambers for just about any test imaginable. 

Main Features Of Our Standard Chambers

  • Standard volume: From 24 to 3.000 litres (much larger bespoke chambers available) 
  • Standard Temperature ranges: -180ºC, -70ºC, -40ºC, -25ºC, -10ºC or 0ºC to +180ºC
  • Humidity range: From 5% to 98% RH.
  • Temperature stability: ±0,1 ºC to ±0,3ºC
  • Temperature uniformity: ±0,5 ºC to ±1,5ºC
  • Humidity stability: ±1%HR
  • Humidity uniformity: ±1%RH to ±3%RH
  • The temperature rate of change is definable and specified at the point of quotation. 

Approved Safety Standards – CE and IEC

All of our test chambers bear the CE 1027 approval mark, and all equipment is prepared according to IEC 60068-3-5 Standard.

Specialist Accessories

AML Instruments is also in the position to provide you with specialist accessories to meet the standards according to SAE J575 jointly with EN 60529 in the same chamber. If this is something you are interested in, please get in touch, as we would need to ask specific questions to ensure we provide you with the correct accessories.

Testing Chamber Calibration

To ensure your testing chamber is returning accurate results, you will need to calibrate it regularly. Our experience in testing a wide variety of specialist testing instruments, consistently shows the upfront cost of calibrating testing instruments outweighs the time lost chasing inaccurate or poor readings.

We can discuss the possible life management of your environmental chamber during the initial conversation, the quotation or after you have taken delivery.

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