Sample Preparation / Sample Cutters

Sample cutters are vitally important to the preparation of samples and specimens in a wide range of applications and tests. Our cutters can be used on various materials including all forms of paper and board, as well as plastics, foils, metals, composites and rubber. This variety along with our companies capabilities to supply measuring equipment for a huge range of test equipment for moisture, tensile strength, edge crush, tear strength, grammage etc. We can supply cutters for just about any test and any material. AML is the perfect choice for your sample cutting needs. AML has one of the widest ranges of sample cutting equipment in the World and we can help with just about any specimen preparation requirement. 

Without accurate and repeatable specimens or samples, your test results will not be accurate or repeatable. Specimen preparation is the most important part of any test regardless of the accuracy or make of the test equipment being used. The quality of the specimen directly affects the quality of your results. 

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Benefits of sample cutters and preparation:

  • Multiple applications including testing, cutting, and preparation
  • All materials supported including metals, plastics, paper, and rubber
  • Tensile specimen preparation by CNC Mill, Lathe, or Die Cutter
  • High quality and proven designs, from the UK, Germany, Spain and the USA

Our Equipment is a Cut Above the Rest

Sample cutters & sample preparation equipment have a wide range of applications and can be used for the preparation of paper, paperboard, corrugated board, plastic films, foils, steel, aluminium, rubber, composites and plastics. We have specimen cutters for just about any test on any material and can also manufacture bespoke solutions. Whether you’re looking for tensile specimens, moisture specimens, crush test specimens, or other specific use, we have the solution for you.

AML Instruments – Tried and Trusted

AML Instruments are industry leaders in instrumentation. We have spent 40 years sourcing, calibrating, and providing the very best in heating equipment and testing. We are happy to offer you our expertise and advice when it comes to selecting the right product for your needs.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and competitive pricing. For more information about our sample preparation equipment, please contact us today. One of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible.