Food Texture and Firmness Analyzer FTM-50

Food Texture and Firmness Analyzer FTM-50

Manufactured by Techlab Systems

Equipment designed to analyze the properties related to the texture of foods in general, with analysis software TPA (Texture Profile Analysis).

The FTM-50 Computerized Texture Analyzer has the most advanced and reliable structure in an electromechanical test framework with ball circulation spindle. The computerized control system allows for closed-loop control of parameters such as test force, specimen deformation and crosshead travel, etc.

The system realizes in real time on the PC screen test diagrams, test curves and creation of test reports. Closed-loop control through the METROTEST test program makes it possible to carry out cyclical tests. By means of a simple connection with different accessories and test tools, tests can be carried out on various Food Products, Cosmetics and also on the Packaging of the sector itself to adjust to your needs in quality control and research.

Food Texture and Firmness Analyzer

The FTM-50 Computerized Texture Analyzer is made up of a robust frame in which the test frame is located. The test frame is made up of a low friction coefficient drive and re-circulation ball screw with protectors and a rectified and chromed steel guide column.

The force measurement is through a tension-compression load cell housed in the mobile crosshead. Said load cell is fitted with the different necessary test tools (not included in the standard supply).The test framework admits overloads of 120% of the nominal force without affecting its measurement or operating precision, which gives the frame a great robustness and safety of correct operation under intensive work. It has a system of upper and lower travel limiters adjustable independently by the user. Inside the base box are included the transmission elements, the transformer, regulation electronics,
servomotor, etc.

Within the mechanical properties of food, they play a fundamental role in their behavior during processing, storage, distribution and consumption. The influence of the different components on the mechanical properties and especially on the temperature and water content are vital to choose the right equipment for its processing. Thus, the packaging material is designed to protect the food from mechanical stress and from the transfer of water between the product and the environment. By consuming the food we are detecting the texture, which is also affected by the mechanical properties. A widely used term in the food field is elasticity (stiffness) which is the response of the food to an external force. Elasticity will change as the mechanical properties of the food change.

Using the FTM-50 Texture Gauge it is possible to perform physical-mechanical tests on all types of Food, such as:



  • Fully computerized: The control and measurement system with a specific electronic card used for testing machines, performing the tare to zero and adding a setting which is very reliable.
  • It has a Database manager for the test results which stores according to a standard format which facilitates analysis and transfer to other programs.
  • Compliance with testing requirements for all types of materials with all international testing standards. With a wide range of graph functions, curve color changes, magnifications (zoom), reductions, curve auto-scaling can be performed (making it easier and shorter to run a test with a new material), displacement of the curves in the deformation axis, designate standard curve, association of labels to each graph, indication of the values digitally on the screen and printing of all kinds of test curves.
  • Modular design makes it easier to upgrade software in the future.

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