1500 & 2000kN Servo Hydraulic Universal Testing Machines DI-CP-V2 HOYTOM® PRO Series

1500 & 2000kN Servo Hydraulic Universal Testing Machines DI-CP-V2 HOYTOM® PRO Series

Manufactured by Hoytom

Servo Hydraulic Universal  Testing  Machines DI-CP-V2 HOYTOM® PRO Series

The DI-CP-V2 is part of the Hoytom Pro Series of Servo Hydraulic Universal Testing Machines from Hoytom in Spain.

Capacities 1500 & 2000kN.

Adjustable cross head position via electromechanical ball screw system. Making this a very versatile machine for just about any type of testing.

Dual testing area, tensile in the lower area and comes equipped with hydraulic wedge grips. The upper area is used for bend and compresive tests.

Hoytom HoyWin® powerful yet initiative software & PC supplied with every machine.

These machines are highly capable of performing tests on any material regardless of how hard or tough it might be.

  • Tensile – Compression – Bending – Shear… tests
  • Adjustable cross head position
    3 Year Warranty
  • HBM® loadcell (World leader in load cells)
  • Servo-hydraulic Close Loop Control
  • 3 year warranty 
  • Manufactured in Spain by Hoytom
  • Force capacity :  1500 or 2000 kN
  • Loadcell Accuracy : +/- 0,5 % (EN ISO 7500 Class 0.5 ASTM E4)
  • Loadcell range 0.4% – 100%

Servo Hydraulic Universal  Testing  Machines, standard delivery includes :

  • Load Cell Tension/Compression of (400 – 600 – 1000 – 1500 – 2000 kN according model)HBM Loadcell
  • HYDRAULIC Tensile Grips & 1 set of jaws
  • ENAC Calibration Certificate (equivalent to UKAS)
  • PC with Hoytom HoyWin® software pre-installed.
  • Installation, training & support by AML Instruments’s UK based engineers.

Optional extras

  • Extensometers from Epsilon & MF
  • Grips, jaws and fixtures for just about any test to any National or International standard
  • Safety guards with interlock.

Is this not the Universal Testing Machine / Tensile Tester you were looking for? We have a huge range of Materials Testing Machines Available

Capacity kN1500 – 2000 kN
Piston speed mmForward
Approach speed *1 mm100
Piston travelmm300
Separation between grips mm50 – 1350
Tensile horizontal space mm890
Maximum height mm4620
Dimensions mmWidth
Weight Kg6500
Power supply V380 – III
Power w4000
Force transducer
Machine accuracy (Class)*20.5
Range0.4% – 100% FS
Resolution0.001% FS


Displacement transducer
TypeEncode line
Resolution< 0.01 mm
Precision< 0.1%
  • *1 Movable crosshead speed, to vary distance between grips.
  • *2 According to Standards ISO 7500 and ASTM E4.

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