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Fatigue Testing Machines are pivotal in ensuring the durability and reliability of materials and components subjected to repeated stress. AML Instruments takes pride in introducing a sophisticated range of Fatigue Test Machines to the UK market. Our machines are designed to meet rigorous testing standards and offer unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and longevity.

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Purpose and Importance of Fatigue Testing

Fatigue testing is crucial in evaluating the endurance and mechanical resilience of materials subjected to cyclic stress and vibration. By employing precise test methods, these tests measure a material’s ability to withstand repeated loading and quantify endurance in terms of elongation and durability.

This process is vital for accurately predicting a material’s lifespan under typical usage scenarios, thereby averting potential failures in essential applications. AML Instruments’ Fatigue Testing Machines are indispensable across various sectors, such as aerospace, automotive, research and construction, where the integrity and safety of materials under mechanical stress are critical.

Through meticulous measurement and analysis, our machines ensure materials meet the highest safety and durability standards.

Types Of Fatigue Testing Systems Offered By AML Instruments

Our range includes rotary bending, axial (push-pull), and multiaxial machines. Each type is designed for specific testing scenarios, from simple to complex real-world applications. AML Instruments offers versatile solutions tailored to diverse industry requirements.

Real-Time Test Controller AML Instrument has three different types of Real-Time Controllers, depending on whether you need to carry out static, mono-axial, or bi-axial dynamic fatigue tests.

Real Time Test Controller 9002


Pneumatic Machines Through Life Testing Machines, AML Instruments has four pneumatic machines available. We need to ask you a few questions to recommend a suitable machine.

Prima PN


Electrodynamic Machines We can offer three types of electrodynamic machines. The right one depends on how much force you want to exert during testing.

Eldy 10


Electro-Mechanical Machines One electro-mechanical machine allows you to perform static, semi-static, and fatigue tests.

Volta 2


Torsional Machines One torsional machine allows you to perform static, semi-static and torsion fatigue testing.

New Tor

Components and Operation of a Fatigue Testing Machine

The components and operation of AML Instruments’ Fatigue Testing Machines represent the pinnacle of engineering excellence. They seamlessly blend advanced electronics, servohydraulic systems, and a comprehensive array of specialised accessories to cater to a broad spectrum of testing specifications.

These devices are meticulously engineered to administer precise forces and loads, a crucial aspect for determining the fatigue strength of materials spanning from advanced composites to medical implants under various temperature conditions. Operationally optimised to minimise friction and maximise test accuracy, our machines ensure dependable outcomes across multiple applications.

Incorporating state-of-the-art servohydraulic technology and mechatronics, our machines can replicate real-world stress scenarios with unmatched precision, adjusting amplitude and other critical parameters to mirror operational environments. This precision, coupled with our extensive selection of accessories, allows for customising test setups, ensuring they are finely tuned to the distinct properties and requirements of each material or component under examination.

Whether assessing the durability of composites or the longevity of biomedical implants, AML Instruments delivers the necessary devices, technology, and support to secure accurate, reproducible results, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in fatigue testing.

Specimen Preparation for Fatigue Testing

Preparing specimens for fatigue testing is a critical step that demands meticulous attention to detail. It encompasses the principles of fracture mechanics, material properties, and design considerations. At AML Instruments, we ensure that each specimen is precisely prepared to simulate real-world compression and cyclic loading conditions.

This process involves tailoring the specimen design to reflect the requirements of the fatigue tests, considering the material’s inherent properties and the expected stressors it will face. By doing so, we can accurately evaluate how materials behave under various conditions, including their resistance to fracture and deformation.

This preparation is foundational in obtaining reliable data on materials’ endurance and structural integrity, ultimately guiding the design of more resilient and durable products.

Test Parameters and Variables

The precision in controlling and understanding test parameters, including load cycles, deformation, material strength, temperature, and amplitude, is fundamental to the integrity of fatigue testing. AML Instruments’ Fatigue Testing Machines are adept at precisely manipulating these variables, thus enabling the accurate simulation of diverse service conditions to evaluate cycle fatigue and fatigue strength meticulously.

The capability to adjust temperature settings and amplitude variations allows for a closer examination of how these factors influence material fatigue behaviour.

Crucially, the machines assess the number of cycles a material can endure before failure, its resistance to deformation under repeated stress, and its overall strength while also considering the impact of temperature fluctuations and stress amplitude on these properties.

This holistic approach guarantees that materials are thoroughly tested against the stringent demands of their intended applications, revealing critical insights into their durability and resilience under cyclic loading.

By mimicking real-world conditions with an added layer of temperature and amplitude control precision, our machines furnish essential data regarding materials’ endurance limits and fatigue strength. This information is invaluable for engineering more durable and reliable products, ensuring they perform optimally under the expected range of operational conditions.

Data Acquisition and Analysis

Advanced data acquisition and analysis are pivotal in fatigue testing, facilitated by sophisticated testing software developed by AML Instruments in collaboration with our manufacturing partners. This software supports various testing methods and configurations, enabling precise control and monitoring of test parameters tailored to the application.

Our system ensures accurate data capture and analysis across various test scenarios, whether dealing with a single sample or a series of complex materials. The manufacturer’s insights into the intricacies of fatigue behaviour allow software development that adapts to the nuanced needs of different materials and tests. This capability enhances test results’ reliability and provides a comprehensive understanding of material performance under cyclic loading, offering invaluable data for engineering applications.

Maintenance and Calibration of the Machine

AML Instruments offers full UK-based support for maintaining and calibrating your Fatigue Testing Machine. Regular maintenance and precise calibration ensure sustained accuracy and performance, adhering to international standards.

Safety Measures in Fatigue Testing

Safety is paramount in fatigue testing. Our machines incorporate multiple safety features, including emergency stops, protective enclosures, and software safeguards. These measures ensure the protection of operators and equipment.

Future Trends in Fatigue Testing Technology

Staying at the forefront of testing technology, AML Instruments is committed to innovating and evolving through its partnership with Life Testing Machines. Future trends include the integration of AI for predictive analytics, enhanced materials testing capabilities, and increased automation.

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