Large Mobile Environmental Chambers

Large Mobile Environmental Chambers

Manufactured by ArcTest

Large Mobile Environmental Chambers, a unique solution to a common problem. The requirement to test ever larger components and products is now the norm, the issue many companies have is not having the space to site the chamber within your existing lab or warehouse.

Arktest from Finland have a unique but simple solution, a mobile chamber that is either based on a shipping container or is mounted on a trailer.

Typical temperature range -70 to 180ºC

Typical Humidity range 10 to 98%

Sizes for 3 meters to over 12 meters

Large Mobile Environmental Chambers

The mobile environmental chambers are completely bespoke and can cover a wide range of conditions with the ability to have multiple chambers within a single unit.Inside A Large Mobile Environmental Chambers

For instance you might have one chamber set to cool to -70ºC and the neighboring chamber set at 180ºC with a third chamber set at 40ºC + 80% humidity.

With options to add sunlight and or rain simulation systems as well as custom shelving to ensure unrestricted airflow around the chamber.

The mobile environmental chambers can run static and cyclic tests.

Best of all at the end of your project the environmental chamber can be shipped to another site, sold or moved to a storage area.

AML Instruments have a team of experienced UK based engineers to ensure the safe and accurate running of your chamber and are on hand to provide calibration, service and training. 


Placing a Large Mobile Environmental ChambersMobile Climatic Chamber being craned into place

Typical installation time is less than 2 hours.

All that is needed is an electrical and water supply. The chambers are very simple to use and can be programmed using a touch screen or via software. All services are contained  & controlled within the central engine room.

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