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Data logger calibration by industry leading experts! If you have temperature, humidity, pressure or electrical data loggers that require their annual calibration, then we at AML Instruments have several options available to you right now. Our state of the art equipment allows for calibrations between -40°C to 650°C & 10 to 98% relative humidity. For electrical data loggers we use the latest Fluke calibrators that can generate a wide range of electrical parameters including, volts (ac & dc), resistance, frequency and capacitance. Pressure data loggers we cover from 0.1 kpa to 700 bar or vacuum to -1bar.  Call 01522 789375 to get a competitive quote, or click here and submit our enquiry form, and our team will get back to you ASAP. Our calibration services have been designed with your business requirements in mind. As a professional, family-run company, with a proven track record in calibrating test equipment, your RH (Relative Humidity), temperature data logger, pressure or electrical data logger is in safe hands. We fully understand the requirement for accuracy & reproducibility, and that is why we always calibrate your instruments to the manufacturers' specifications.  Once your data logger has been calibrated, it will be issued a traceable calibration certificate.

AML’s Three Data Logger Calibration Service Options 

Each of our service options has been built with you in mind, focusing on flexibility, speed and cost.

Our Cheapest Option With A 5 Day Turnaround

If you can cope without your data logger for five days, our cheapest option could be the most suitable for you. You will need to send it to our calibration laboratory, where our expert technicians will run through our service calibration process.

We will return your data logger via UPS along with any calibration certificates.

The Least Disruptive Calibration Option – We Come To You 

Onsite Data Logger Calibration Service 

We arrange for our engineer and his equipment to visit your facility. This can be a cost effective option especially if you have many data loggers, it is by far the quickest and least disruptive. Depending on your calibration requirements you may only be without your data logger for 30 minutes. 

Express Service 24 – 48 hrs

Cost-wise, our Express Service sits in between our quickest and cheapest options. The time frame of 24 – 48 hrs reflects how many calibration points you require. We carry out our Express Service at our accredited lab. This service needs pre-booking. 

Please get in contact if you require any further information on our calibration processes or costs.

You can contact us through Live Chat, Email or Call 01522 789375 

Temperature Data Logger Calibration

Our standard temperature data logger points options are: 

  • 1 point at ambient conditions, typically 20°C +/- 2°C
  • 2 points at 0 & 30°C
  • 3 points at -20, 0 & 30°C

If you have requirements for additional or different points we can provide temperature calibrations between -40 & 650°C

Temperature calibration is essential for industries that must record data to provide evidence for verification. Knowing how long a product has been exposed to a particular temperature for the food industry is critical. Or for environmental professionals, knowing the water temperature is essential for the health of a water system. Equally this is critical to just about all industries.  

At AML Instruments, we can calibrate both integrated temperature data loggers and loggers with an external probe attached.

A temperature logger with an external probe tends to be used by industries that measure at extreme temperatures beyond the working capabilities of the battery and electronics or where two temperatures in different locations need measuring simultaneously e.g. fridges, freezers or ovens.  

Relative Humidity Data Logger Calibration

Our standard RH data logger calibration points options are:

  • 1 point at ambient conditions, typically 20°C +/- 2°C & 30 to 60% RH
  • 2 points at 0 & 30°C, 20% & 80% RH @ 25°C
  • 3 points at -20, 0 & 30°C, 20%, 40% & 80% RH @ 25°C

If you have requirements for additional or different points we can provide temperature calibrations between -40 & 650°C & Relative humidity at 10 to 98% over a wide range of temperatures.  

Suppose you are a facility manager in an environmental, farming, logistics or laboratory role. In that case, we fully understand the importance of measuring and recording relative humidity and temperature as part of the protection measures against legionella.

Our engineers can calibrate your RH logger to the set regulations/tolerances you must adhere to, including blind and display humidity loggers.

Electrical Data Logger Calibration

We cover the full range of electrical parameters and different types of electrical data loggers including energy data loggers & power data loggers. Our parameters include volts (ac & dc), resistance, frequency and capacitance. 

Electrical Data loggers are used for a wide range of applications, the most common being the study of energy consumption of a partial machine or piece of equipment. In today’s world this is more important than ever. We all need to reduce energy consumption and using an energy data logger will help determine the source of your energy use and allow for improvements to be made. The calibration of energy data loggers is critical to ensure your obtaining accurate energy consumption data. 

Pressure Data Logger Calibration

Pressure data loggers are calibrated to your exact requirements with capabilities to calibrate from -1 bar to 700 bar. 

Some of the Brands of Data Logger we calibrate

  • Tinytag data loggers
  • Gemini data loggers
  • Testo data loggers
  • LogTag data loggers
  • MadgeTech data loggers
  • T&D data loggers
  • Shockwatch data loggers
  • MesaLabs data loggers
  • ELPRO data loggers
  • Grant Instruments data loggers
  • Fluke data loggers
  • Pico data loggers
  • Omega data loggers
  • Lascar Electronics data loggers
  • ETI data loggers
  • Hobo data loggers
  • Rotronic data loggers
  • Eurotherm data loggers
  • Dickson data loggers
  • Digitron data loggers
  • West data loggers
  • Datapaq EasyTrack2 Data Logger
  • Fluke 2686A Data Logging System,
  • Fluke 2680 Series Data Acquisition Systems
  • Fluke 2680A-FAI, Fluke 2680A-PAI, Fluke 2680A-DIO, Fluke 2680A-180
  • Elcometer 215 Oven Data Logger
  • TQC Sheen CurveX 4 Oven Temperature Data Logger
  • Squirrel 2020 and Squirrel 2040 Data Logger

Calibration Intervals

Most manufacturers will recommend calibrating your data logging device every 12 months/annually, which will provide you with confidence in its accuracy. However, some industries, such as pharmaceuticals & aerospace, require certain measurement equipment to be calibrated more often. Your own quality management system should stipulate the calibration frequency required. 

Why Should You Use An Accredited Company Like AML Instruments?

For some companies, they will have to as part of the agreement or contract. For others, here are four excellent reasons as to why you should use an accredited company:

  1. Quality Assurance – An accredited calibration company has proven technical competency along with effective quality management systems in place.
  2. Minimal Risk – The level of risk can never be zero, but having testing equipment that has been calibrated to the highest standards, will help decrease the risk of producing a faulty product or chasing errors.
  3. Reputation –  Your clients will require assurance that your testing equipment has been independently verified, through calibration, by an accredited company—a common requirement of pharmaceutical companies.
  4. Cost Reduction –  Testing can be expensive and time-consuming, compounded if the test results are inconsistent due to poorly calibrated test equipment.

AML holds both ISO 9001 from BSI and also ISO 17025 from UKAS, click here for our current ISO 17025 UKAS Scope 

Full Spectrum Calibrations Company

As an experienced calibration company with outstanding engineers, we can calibrate different instruments and testers, such as:

  • Scales and balances
  • Torque calibration
  • Dimensional calibration
  • Force calibration
  • Temperature and Relative Humidity
  • Pressure and Electrical
  • Viscometer
  • Optical properties

Our Quality Systems

AML Instruments quality systems are certified to ISO 9001 by BSI and accredited to UKAS ISO 17025 click here for our current calibration scope 

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