Salt Spray Chamber Corrosion Test Chamber

Salt Spray Chamber Corrosion Test Chamber

Manufactured by Dycometal

Salt Spray Chamber Corrosion Test Chamber

• 4 sizes 140 to 2000 litres
• Configurable to all major ISO, ASTM, IEC, JIS, DIN & BS standards
• Easy to install, easy to use and reliable
• Robust construction, high resistance to corrosion
• Long life

Manufactured in Spain by Dycometal  


Salt Spray Chamber Corrosion Test Chamber

Corrosion is one of the most destructive natural phenomenon and a main cause of material and machinery failure.

The chamber simulates real life conditions over the lifetime of the material or component the Salt Spray Chamber provides and artificially harsh environment of salt spray / fog in a precisely controlled conditions for both temperature and pressure of the saline fog. This provides accelerated corrosion that would normally take years to be present.

Standards such as ASTM B117, DIN 50021 ISO 9227 & JIS Z 2371 describe the test methods and stipulate the exact conditions the tests must take place in.

Salt Spray Chambers are used in a variety of industries such as: aerospace, automotive, paint, coatings and rail.

Options for many sizes of chamber including walk in for large and heavy components.

Salt Spray Chambers Features:

• Volumes:                    From 140 litres to 2.000 litres

• Temperature range: From Room to +50ºC

• Humidity range:       100% RH

Control panel, management of the test automatic regulation of the workspace temperature, water boiler level, regulation of the spray pressure, manometer for regulation of the air pressure.

– Chamber made in glassfibre and polyester resin

– Chamber heating elements with great uniformity in the dispersion of the heat

– External structure made in stainless steel

– Top cover, made in transparent methacrylate, with double angle of 30º to avoid the dropping in the samples.

– Watertight seal by wet joint

– Set of samples support bars

– High accuracy PT100 temperature probe.

– Uniform spray system with low saline solution consumption.



– Additional elements to do SWAT tests

– SSC/CH, combined chambers of humidistat test and salt spray test, manufactured in the same equipment.

– Special samples-racks

– Reservoir tank (200 litres) manufactured over one structure

– Pluviometer to collect the precipitate

– Pneumatic actuator to open the canopy with control on control panel.

– Temperature data logger


Full support from AML Instruments for installation, training, calibration & service

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