Our range of clip-on, long-travel and axial extensometers are designed to be used in all applications and conditions. We stock a wide selection of extensometers used to measure the actual strain of the specimens gauge length. Take a look at our recommendations below and find out more.

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Extensometers are the key to understanding stress-strain measurements. This measurement is a requirement of most ASTM & ISO standards to use an extensometer.

Only a small selection of our extensometers are listed on our website; we have one of the largest ranges available from Epsilon and MF the two leading manufacturers of this type of instrumentation. Contact us today for expert advice on the correct extensometer for your exact testing requirements.

With over 40 years of experience, we use a keen eye and stringent standards to offer the very best in extensometers.

Our semi-automatic long-travel extensometer is a precision device that is useful in measuring the strain in elastomers and plastics. These devices are used in conjunction with a Universal Testing Machine.


Benefits of Extensometers

  • Precision measurement
  • A variety of types to fit a wide selection of applications and materials
  • Easily adjustable & mounted for quick accurate results. Our Epsilon extensometers can be used one-handed thanks to their special design.
  • High-quality knife edges to minimise the chance of slippage


Axial, Long Travel and Clip-On Extensometers

Determine precise modulus & yield values with our wide range of extensometers. Our instruments can be used on all manufactures of materials testing systems and on projects across all sectors and material types.

We also have Video, Laser, Averaging, Bi-Axial and Axial/Torsional Extensometers. As well as special solutions for high and low-temperature testing. Contact us with your measuring challenges and we will help you.

AML Instruments – Tried and Trusted

AML Instruments have been the industry leaders in instrumentation and calibration expertise. We pride ourselves on our customer service, competitive pricing and leading accreditation. With over 40 years of experience, we have used our unique insight to offer you leading Extensometer technology that you can trust.