Video Extensometer X-Sight

Video Extensometer X-Sight

Manufactured by X-Sight

The advanced optical video extensometer series developed by X-Sight delivers accurate strain measurements and is characterized by ease-of-use and numerous industry-leading software features. X-Sight video extensometers are designed and manufactured in Europe. X-Sight exclusively manufactures optical strain measuring equipment, so its specialists are genuine experts in this complex field.

The Alpha strain analysis software is intuitive, the specimens’ preparation and system calibration are easy and quick, thus making X-Sight’s extensometers an attractive option from both technical and cost-effective testing standpoints.

X-Sight provides three primary models covering all types of materials testing applications and requirements. Further options are available within these product series to customise the systems and ensure these match your testing and output data requirements.

AML are X-Sight’s agents, so all enquiries and sales are backed up by our famous sales and aftersales support. Our UK based engineers are on hand to help!

X-Sight ONE Video Extensometer

X-Sight ONE has state of the art digital correcting technology. Its ease of use with user friendly graphic interface and compact footprint make it a great choice for many applications including: tensile, compressive, bending, shear, torsional and fatigue testing on a wide range of test frames from the very smallest single column machine to the largest four column machine. This makes the ONE device the most Xsighting device for strain measurement over a wide range of testing applications, materials and experiments.

  • Standard single-camera measurement length: 240 mm (130 mm)X-Sight ONE Video Extensometer
  • Standard resolution: ASTME 83-10 Class B-1 ISO 9513 Class 1 (Class 0.5)
  • Gauge length: user selectable single or multiple gauge lengths
  • Data acquisition rate: 75-200 Hz
  • Axial and radial neck detection
  • Torsion testing as standard
  • Automatic switching lighting
  • The ONE Video Extensometers are stackable. For longer specimen, two or three ONEs can be mounted next to or on top of each other.

X-Sight ONE Video Extensometer Data Sheet

X-Sight HT High Temperature Video ExtensometerX-Sight HT High Temperature Video Extensometer

A specialist video extensometer for high temperatures from ambinent up to 1400°C, using the latest state of the art Digital Image Correlation technology. The HT is the most Xsighting strain measuring device for high-temperature applications.

The HT uses the same user friendly graphical interface as the ONE allowing you to focus on the experiment and the data. Suitable for all test types including uniaxial or biaxial tensile, shear and compressive testing.

The HT is not just for high temperature materials testing, but anywhere a high precision optical extensometer with small Field of View is required.

  • Standard camera measurement length: 47mm
  • Camera resolution ISO 9513 Class 0.2 ASTME83-10 Class A ( GL > 15mm )
  • Gauge Length: User selectable single or multiple gauge lengths can be set
  • Data acquisition rate: 75-200Hz
  • From ambient to 1400°C
  • Axial and radial neck detection
  • Automatic switching monochromatic light source

HT High Temperature Video Extensometer Data Sheet


X-Sight RODROD video extensometer

The ROD video extensometer is a state-of-the-art optical extensometer optimized for difficult task of tensile testing of reinforcing steel.

The ROD is equipped with dual cameras that are dust proofed and designed with tough industrial environments in mind.

The Alpha software has a unique ITT function that allows accurate strain measurements with an oxide or rust layer falling off during the test which would make a standard video extensometer almost useless in this application and specimen conditions.

The entire system is designed with simplicity and precision in mind, with the minimal specimen preparation or system calibration and operator interventions required.

  • Camera measurement area 550 x 100mm
  • Standard camera resolution. ASTM E83-10 Class B-1 for L0 >25mm ISO 9513 Class 1
  • Young’s modulus reading capability
  • Working distance approximately 560mm
  • Gauge Length User selectable single or multiple gauge lengths
  • Standard data acquisition rate: >40Hz (typically 100Hz)
  • Automatic -switching light
  • Alpha software equipped with ITT (Intelligent Tensile Testing feature)

X-Sight ROD Video Extensometer Data Sheet

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