Tensile Tester / Universal Testing Machine Accessories

We provide customers with a wide range of Tensile Testers and Universal Testing Machine Accessories designed to assist you to perform many 1000’s of different tests on any material to just about any National or International standard.

Follow this link for a photobook of the most popular Grips and Fixtures

AML has one of the largest selections of grips and fixtures for materials testing in the world with only a very small sample of the most common grips visible on our website. All of our grips and fixtures are tested to rigorous specifications to ensure full compliance with the standards and a long working life.

For a full list of wedge grips, vise grips, compression platens, roller grips, environmental chambers, and extensometers please contact our friendly sales engineers who can help you find the correct solution for you. On top of the range of 3000 standard grips and fixtures we can design and manufacture bespoke solutions.