Concora Fluter (type) For Corrugated Board

Concora Fluter (type) For Corrugated Board

Manufactured by Techlab Systems

Concora Fluter (type) for producing laboratory samples of corrugated board as standard to A flute & other flutes as an option.

The sample then can be tested to determine the compressibility strength using the C.C.T. (Corrugated Crush Test) & the  C.M.T. (Corrugating Medium Test)

Concora Fluter (type) Features

  • Quick & easy to produce samples
  • Accurate and stable temperature control with digital PID temperature control pre set at 177 ºC ± 2 ºC
  • Pressure range adjustable from 0-210 N
  • As standard comes complete with rack & comb for A flute, B flute & C flute as an option

Complies with the requirements of the following national and international standards

DIN 53143, TAPPI T809,  ISO 7263, SCAN P27, CPPA D24

Manufacture by TLS Techlab Systems in Spain

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