Sample Cutter Universal

Sample Cutter Universal

Manufactured by Hanatek Instruments

Sample Cutter (Universal)

The sample cutter has been designed for the simple cutting of samples for the packaging laboratory in a variety of materials, such as paper, film, tape, foil, paper board, tissue, nonwovens, with a range of thickness from 6 micron up to 3 mm. It’s an inexpensive and quick method for cutting accurate / repeatable samples.

Simple, cost effective and safe!

Sample Cutter (Universal) advantages

• Cost lower than a dedicated punch type cutter
• Can cut multiple samples at the same time, either of the same size or multiple shapes and sizes.
• Additional reasonable priced die boards can be ordered at any time in the future to accommodate other tests.

Sample Cutter dies can be configured to cut samples for most test types including:

  • Friction,
  • Tensile,
  • Grammage,
  • Peel
  • O2 permeability,
  • CO2 permeability,
  • WVTR,
  • Rub resistance,
  • Carton crease,
  • Carton
  • Stiffness
  • Many more.

The Universal Sample Cutter uses interchangeable dies to suit different test types. Simply purchase a new die for the test type required

  • Economical, one sample cutter for a variety of tests
  • Low cost dies for further tests
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate and repeatable samples

Sample Cutter Specifications

Material Thickness:                     6μm to 250μm

Applied Pressure During Cut:     2 PSI

Dimensions:                                   (H)200mm  x(W)560mmx(D)390mm

Packed Weight:                           14kg

Packed Dimensions:                    (H)360mm  x(W)650mmx(D)500mm

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