PP Series Pneumatic Cutting Press

PP Series Pneumatic Cutting Press

Manufactured by Techlab Systems

Pneumatic presses to cut rectangular precision samples with high accuracy and according to international standards to evaluate Tensile, SCT, CMT, RCT, CCT, CLT… for Paper (Liner / Medium) and aluminum foils.

The pneumatic cutting presses of the PP series have been designed to obtain quickly and in a single operation, samples of paper, compact cardboard, cardboard, tissue paper, aluminum sheets of a certain size depending on the model.

PP Series Pneumatic Cutting Press

Pneumatic presses operated by means of a pedal, which incorporate a protective acrylic
screen for safety during the cutting process. Manufactured with precision cutting elements,
which ensures great precision in the cutting dimensions of the samples. The cut samples fall
by gravity to the lower zone of the press. Optionally with double button operation

It consists of a fixed counter-blade (female) and a movable blade (male) made of ground steel.

  •  Easy to use
  •  Quick cutting of samples
  •  Safety of use
  •  Robust design
  • Cutting precision
  • Safety standards and CE marking

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