September 3, 2015

Box Compression BCT, SCT, ECT, RCT. TLS Range


We are pleased to announce our extended range of test equipment from TLS

Box Compression Tester BCT

Short Span Compression Tester SCT

Crush Tester for Edge Crush, Ring Crush, Flat Crush, Corrugated Crush Test Pin Adhesion Test ECT, RCT, FCT, CCT, PAT, CMT

Burst Tester for paper or board

Cobb Tester

Puncture Resistance Tester 

Bendtsen Roughness / Smoothness Tester 

Circular Sample Cutters

More from TLS to be added soon!

TLS are a Spanish manufacture of test equipment and instruments for the paper, board and packaging industries. AML are the exclusive UK agent and fully support their entire range.

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