Bendtsen Roughness / Smoothness Tester

Bendtsen Roughness / Smoothness Tester

Bendtsen is a commonly performed test which uses the air leak method to determine the roughness / smoothness and porosity of paper and paper board products.

This is a direct but modern replacement for the old Anderson & Sorensen Bendtsen Testers which its not possible to find replacement tubes for.

Bendtsen Roughness / Smoothness

A precision head with tightly controlled dimensions and weight is placed on the sample which in turn is on top of a ground glass plate. The amount of air leaked is measured by the flow tubes. Lower the flow rate the smoother the paper is.

Bendtsen Porosity (optional)

The sample is clamped between two precision faces one with a gasket, the air flow through the sample is measured by the flow tubes

Standard Features

  • Easy to read analogue scale
  • Low cost, when compared to electronic instruments
  • New design of measuring head, which is more robust and if damaged just the ring is replaced.
  • Measuring area 10 cm2
  • User changeable tubes
  • Range 0 to 3000 ml/min with three Rotameter tubes
    • 0 -100 ml / min.
    • 50 -500 ml / min
    • 300 -3000 ml / min

Conforms with the following standards

ISO 8791/2

BS ISO 8791-2

DIN 53108,

DIN 53120-1,


Manufacture by TLS in  Spain.

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