Puncture Resistance Tester

Puncture Resistance Tester

Manufactured by Techlab Systems

Puncture Resistance Tester for determining the amount of energy absorbed by the packaging or the resistance to puncher a box or item of packaging.

  • Stiff, strong steel frame to avoid losses of energy
  • Pendulum arm travels though 90º
  • Triangular pyramid striking head
  • Interlocked safety system
  • Perspex safety screen
  • Grips self tighten and have adjustable clamping pressure
  • Optional Lynx software for further statistical analysis of the results

Puncture Resistance Tester Conforms to the requirements of the following standards

ISO 3036, DIN 53,142, ASTM D781, SCAN P23, TAPPI T-803, FEFCO 5 – 57,076 UNE

Manufacture by TLS Techlab Systems in Spain

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