Burst Tester Paper, Board or Corrugated

Burst Tester Paper, Board or Corrugated

Manufactured by Techlab Systems

Burst Tester for determining the busting strength of paper, paper board or corrugated board

An easy and quick test, commonly done throughout the paper, board and packaging industries

Burst Tester Key Features

  • Supplied with a laptop for data acquisition and control of the burst tester
  • Easy to use yet powerful LYNX Testing software – entry level
  • Units of measurement kPa – Kg/cm2 – Bar & PSI
  • Measuring capacity Paper burst tester  0 to 1500 kPa Board burst tester  200 to 5000 kPa
  • Automatic statistical analysis Max = Min = Average and Standard Deviation
  • Repeatable results due to pneumatic operation of clamping system
  • Safe to use because of acrylic screen
  • Fully compatible with TLS Quality Test Management LYNX Plus & Pro

The TLS Burst Testers comply with all leading test methods and international standards

BS EN 3137, ISO 2758, ISO 2759, DIN 53141, ASTM D774, SCAN P25/P24,  TAPPI T403 TAPPI,  T807 / 810,  PAPTAC D19P/D8,  AP/AS 1301,403

Manufacture by TLS Techlab Systems in Spain

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