Viscosity Flow Cups

Viscosity Flow Cups

Viscosity flow cups are easy to use to determine the flow rate and viscosity of inks, paints, varnishes and other Newtonian (or near Newtonian) fluids. There are various types available, all manufactured to the appropriate national or international standard

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Viscosity Flow Cups BS3900 (1971) Old Specification

Orifice Diameter 2.38 mm (0.09″)3.17mm (0.12″)3.97mm (0.16″)4.76mm (0.19″)7.1mm (0.28″)
Viscosity Range38-71cSt38-147cSt71-455cSt299-781cSt781-1650cSt
Flow Times 30-300 sec30-300 sec30-300 sec30-300 sec30-300 sec


Viscosity Flow Cup DIN 53221

Orifice Diameter2mm (0.08″)4mm (0.16″)6mm (0.24″)8mm (0.31″)
Viscosity Range15-30cSt112-685cSt550-1500cSt1200-3000cSt
Flow Times25-150 Sec25-150 sec25-150 sec25-150 sec


Viscosity Flow Cup, AFNOR Cup- NF T30-014

Orifice Diameter2.5mm (0.10″)4mm (0.16″)6mm (0.24″)8mm (0.31″)
Viscosity Range5-140cSt50-1100cSt510-5100cSt700-11500cSt
Flow Times 30-100 Sec30-100 sec30-100 sec30-100 sec


Viscosity Flow Cup, ASTM D1200 Ford Flow Cup 

TypeFord No1Ford No2Ford No3Ford No 4Ford No5
Orifice Diameter2.1mm (0.08″)2.8mm (0.11″)3.4mm (0.13″)4.1mm (0.16″)5.8mm (0.23″)
Viscosity Range10-35cSt25-12-cSt49- 220cSt15-30cSt200-1200cSt
Flow Tims55-100 sec40-100 sec30-100 sec25-150 sec30-100 sec


Viscosity Flow Cup BS EN ISO 2431 and B5 EN535 (1991)

Orifice Diameter3mm (0.12″)4mm (0.16″)5mm (0.20″)6mm (0.24″)8mm (0.31″)
Viscosity Range7-42cSt35-135cSt91-325cSt188-684cSt600-2000cSt
Flow Times30-100 sec30-100 sec30-100 sec30-100 sec30-100 sec


Viscosity Flow Cup, Frikmar Cup

Orifice Diameter2mm (0.08″)4mm (0.16″)6mm (0.24″)8mm (0.31″)
Viscosity Range15-30112-685550-15001200-3000
Flow Times25-150 sec25-150 sec25-150 sec25-150 sec

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