Viscosity Flow Cup – BS 3900 (1971) Old Specification


Manufactured by Rhopoint Instruments

BS 3900 flow cup provides a viscosity value, usually expressed in a flow time, this being the time taken for the flow cup to empty though the hole in its base. The flow time can be calculated into centistokes (cSt).


Optional Extras

Calibration (ISO 9001)
Stand for all AML Flow Cups
Calibration oil for user calibrations

Ink, paint, varnish and similar industries widely use BS 3900 flow cups to quickly calculate the viscosity of there products.

Viscosity Flow Cups BS 3900 usually available for next day delivery.

Optional calibration adds 5 working days to lead time.

Calibration service also available either on or offsite.

Manufactured in the UK by Rhopoint Instruments.

Type B2 B3 B4 B5 B6
Orifice Diameter 2.38 mm (0.09″) 3.17mm (0.12″) 3.97mm (0.16″) 4.76mm (0.19″) 7.1mm (0.28″)
Viscosity Range 38-71cSt 38-147cSt 71-455cSt 299-781cSt 781-1650cSt
Flow Times 30-300 sec 30-300 sec 30-300 sec 30-300 sec 30-300 sec