Vise Grips

Vice grips are universally used tensile grips which allow for maximum gripping power. These grips come in low-profile and u-style formats and used with Universal Testing Machines (UTMs). All of our products are competitively priced and ideal for all manner of applications from textiles to composites, metals, and plastics.

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Along with low profile, our U-style vice grips also allow for custom jaw inserts such as smooth, diamond, rubber, serrated, and wavy. Each of these has specific benefits and are interchangeable to tailor the grip to your material and needs.

We offer a range of grips from 2.5kN up to 50kN. Every grip is made to exacting standards in Germany.

Vice Grip Features and Benefits

  • Two moveable jaw faces for customisation and control
  • Customisable jaw faces that can be changed quickly and efficiently
  • Jaws articulate to improve alignment, which also has a self-tightening effect
  • Extended temperature ranges for use at reduced and elevated temperatures
  • Easy to use and maintain

How do vice grips keep your testing on track

Vice grips are versatile, durable and strong. This grip maintains constant pressure to hold materials while you test them to minimise the risk of slippage. The custom jaw faces allow you to create the correct grip surface for your material. These grips are easy to use and fit all materials testing machines. Request a quote today or contact us more to find out about this workhorse of the materials testing industry.

Only a small selection of our Vice Grips are listed. Contact us today and our sales engineers will help select the correct grips for your testing needs. We can also manufacture bespoke grips and fixtures.

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