Vise Grips Tensile Testing & Materials Testing

Vise Grips Tensile Testing & Materials Testing

Vise Grips for Tensile and Materials Testing.

Below is a small selection of what we offer, Please see the attached data sheet for more pictures and information, which are part of an even larger collection. Please contact us with the type of testing you wish to use the vise grips for and our friendly engineers will gladly advise on the best ones for your application

AML also supply a huge range of other Tensile Tester grips and fixtures and Testing Machines

Vise Grip TH140k

  • Small vise grip Alu 100N
  • Incl 1 set of pyramid jaws
  • including pyramid jaws, clamping surface
  • 15x15mm
  • Opening 0-8mm, weight per grip~63gr.
  • Scope of delivery includes 1 pair incl. pyramid jaws
  • Adapter size 8/3 female

Small Vise Grip TH227-

  • Applicable for packaging materials, paper, plastic foils, wires, yarns etc
  • Tensile force: 100N
  • Opening:0-8 mm (depending on jaws)
  • Temperature range 0°C–130°C (depending on jaw type) Other temperature ranges on request
  • Adapter/Coupling: M5 internal thread
  • Other couplings possible with additional adapters
  • Body: anodized aluminium
  • Weight 60 gram per item (without jaws)
  • Scope of delivery: 1 pair (without jaws)

Screw Action Vise Grips TH56g 

  •  Provide a simple and effective method to hold specimens
  • Dual acting design, also for asymmetrical samples
  • Jaws articulate and provide a self-alignment and a self tightening effect
  • Opening: 0 –15mm (depending on jaws) Weight: 1.04kg per item (without jaws)

Vise grip TH56g-H200

  • Total height: 220mm
  • Distance between lower edge of jaws and coupling: 200mm
  • Opening: 0 –44mm (depending on jaws) Weight: 1.7kg per item (with out jaws)
  • A versatile general purpose grip applicable for plastics, textiles, paper,steel foils, aluminum etc
  • Jaws adjust to specimen by socket bearing
  • Tensile force: 5 kN
  • Temperature range:0°C-+180°C (depending on jaws) Other temperature ranges possible on request
  • Body: aluminum, anodized
  • Scope of delivery: 1 pair with out jaws
  • Also as pneumatic grip available

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