Vise Grip 100 N Small vise grip for delicate low force testing


Vise grip 100 N capacity versatile grip which is great for low force testing of paper, tissue, packaging materials, foils, yarns, wires and plastic films,

  • Tensile force: 100 N
  • Opening: 0-8 mm (depending on jaws)
  • Temperature range 0°C – 130°C (depending on jaw type).Other temperature ranges on request
  • Adaptor/Coupling: M5 internal thread Other couplings possible with additional adaptors
  • Body: anodised aluminium
  • Weight 60 gram per item (without jaws)
  • Scope of delivery: 1 pair (without jaws)
  • Large selection of jaws available.

Optional Extras

TH227-S46, is a wide opening version of this popular grip. The prices below are in addition to the standard grip cost.
TH227-S46 Opening: up to 46 mm (depending on jaws)
TH227-A4 Stainless steel, vise grip, 100 N, made of A4 (AISI316)
THS486-159-M5-Al Adaptor to fit to 15.9 mm coupling (pair)
25 mm wide jaws
TH227-B25 Blank (smooth) jaws without coating, 10x25 mm (h x w), 1 set
TH227-BG25 Rubber jaws 10x25 mm (h x w), 1 set
TH227-BP25 Pyramid jaws (0.8x45), 10x25 mm (h x w), 1 set
TH227-BD25 Diamond coated jaws 10x25 mm (h x w), 1 set
TH227-BW25x25 Wave jaws 25x25 mm (h x w), 1 set
50 mm wide jaws
TH227-B50 Blank (smooth) jaws without coating, 10x50 mm (h x w), 1 set
TH227-BG50 Rubber jaws 10x50 mm (h x w), 1 set
TH227-BP50 Pyramid jaws (0.8x45) 10x50 mm (h x w), 1 set
TH227-BD50 Diamond coated jaws 10x50 mm (h x w), 1 set
TH227-BW25x50 Wave jaws 25x50 mm (h x w), 1 set
100 mm wide jaws
TH227-B100 Blank (smooth) jaws without coating, 10x100 mm (h x w), 1 set
TH227-BG100 Rubber jaws 10x100 mm (h x w), 1 set
TH227-BP100 Pyramid jaws (0.8x45) 10x100 mm (h x w), 1 set
TH227-BD100 Diamond coated jaws 10x100 mm (h x w), 1 set
TH227-B-A4 A4 (AISI316) stainless steel blank (smooth) jaws, 10x25 mm, 1 set
TH227-BG-A4 A4 (AISI316) stainless steel rubber jaws, 10x25 mm, 1 set
TH227-BP-A4 A4 (AISI316) stainless steel pyramid (serrated) jaws, 10x25 mm, 1 set

See data sheet for more details, photo’s & drawings 

Vise grips to fit any Universal Testing Machine:- Instron, Zwick, Lloyds, AMETEK, Mecmesin, Shimadzu, Admet, Tinius Olsen etc.

Extensive range of other grips and fixtures available for all types of testing. We only have a very small selection of grips on our website, contact us today and our friendly and experienced engineers will help you find the best grips for your materials testing requirements. We also have the ability to provide custom grips and fixtures.

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