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Melt flow indexer (MFI) is a useful measure used to measure various melt properties such as Melt Flow Index MFI, MFR, Melt Volume Rate, Melt Density, Shear, Stress / Rate, Melt Viscosity of thermoplastic polymers.

This type of test is used extensively in injection molding, blown films, extruded films and sections in a wide range of industries such as medical products, food and pharmaceutical packaging. Test results from these highly accurate machines are used to benchmark & predict the melt properties of the polymer ensuring the extrusion, and injection moulding processes work efficiently and the quality of the finished products are as expected.

Benefits of Melt Flow Index (MFI) Instruments:

  • Highly accurate results
  • High-quality construction for extended durability and service
  • Automatic sample cutting for improved accuracy
  • World-leading temperature control
  • Large temperature range


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Melt Flow testing is cost-effective and fast. This tried and trusted system delivers highly accurate results and complies with a wide range of accreditations. We stock a selection of leading equipment and services to help you capture highly accurate results.

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