Melt Flow Indexer for Thermoplastics MFI-100

Melt Flow Indexer for Thermoplastics MFI-100

Manufactured by Techlab Systems

Melt Flow Indexer MFI-100 is a low cost simple to use MFI for the QC department. The Melt Flow Indexer conforms to both ASTM D1238 & ISO 1133 method A gravimetric.

Determining the MFI / MFR is an important for all thermoplastic materials. Typical applications; extrusion, injection moulding, rotational moulding.

Melt Flow Indexer Key Features

  • Automatic sample cutting, improves accuracy of cut off test
  • Low cost yet high quality
  • High rigidity robust design
  • High accuracy PID temperature controller
  • Inbuilt timer and programmable number of cut off’s
  • Corrosion resist barrel from corrosive materials such as PVC

The standard MFI includes all work-cleaning tools, piston and die

  • Temperature range up to 325°C
  • Digital Stopwatch: with a range of up to 9999 seconds with audible alarm.
  • Set of 7 chromed and polished weights: 1.2 Kg – 2.16 Kg – 3.8 Kg – 5 Kg – 5 kg – 6.6 kg 10 Kg. 21.6 kg is a combination of the weights of 5 kg, 6.6 kg and 10 kg

A balance of a resolution of 0.001g or 0.0001 g is recommended for the cut off test.

The Melt Flow Indexer MFI-100 is manufactured in Spain by Metrotec and they have been manufacturing high quality materials testing equipment since 1984. AML Instruments are their exclusive UK agent we fully support their range of equipment.

AML has a vast amount of MFI & MFR testing experience and also work with one of the world leading experts in this field. Contact us today and we will help solve your melt flow issues.

Melt Flow Indexer MFI Calibration and repair service

Calibration & repair available for all makes and models of Melt Flow Indexer MFI Tester AML has specially designed temperature measuring equipment to simultaneously measure the 4 main sections of the barrel listed in the ASTM D1238 & ISO 1133 standards.

Visit our calibration page for more information or contact us today for a quotation


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