Ray-Ran MFR200 Advanced Melt Flow Indexer

Ray-Ran MFR200 Advanced Melt Flow Indexer

Manufactured by Ray Ran

The Ray-Ran MFR200 represents a significant advancement in melt flow testing, offering a streamlined and automated approach to assessing polymer flow characteristics.

Designed for precision and ease of use, it is equipped with cutting-edge features that enhance the accuracy and efficiency of testing procedures.

Enhanced Testing Features:

The MFR200 simplifies complex testing processes, allowing users to effortlessly measure polymers’ melt flow index (MFI). It employs an automated extrusion method where the polymer is heated and extruded through a precision-controlled die under specific conditions. The apparatus automatically cuts the extruded polymer, which is weighed to determine the flow rate over ten minutes.

Robust Construction and Optional Upgrades:

This model has a durable, hardened steel cylinder liner that is easily replaceable to accommodate different testing needs. For environments dealing with corrosive materials, an upgrade to a Hastelloy cylinder liner is available. The standard tungsten carbide die, hardened steel piston, and a 2.16 kg test load ensure comprehensive readiness for immediate testing.

Precision Controls and Software Integration:

The MFR200 features an intuitive 4-inch colour touchscreen for straightforward operation, integrated with a microprocessor that automates complex calculations, such as the MFI, directly on the device. The dual-zone heating system ensures precise temperature control along the barrel, adhering to international standards.

The indexer includes the latest edition of Techni-Test 2 software, which enhances data analysis with graphical and tabular presentations and easy export options to formats like CSV for use in applications like Microsoft Excel.

User-Friendly Design:

A notable feature is the rotary “Auto Cut Device”, which consistently cuts the extrudate precisely, eliminating the manual effort typically required. Additionally, the apparatus supports optional enhancements like a pneumatic weight loader to handle heavier test weights easily and simplifies the cleaning process with an integrated tool holder.

Comprehensive Documentation and Support:

Every MFR200 is supplied with a full suite of documentation, including a user manual, a traceable calibration certificate, and a CE declaration certificate. This ensures that all setup and operation processes are well-documented and comply with international standards.


  • Power Requirements: Available in 220-240V 50Hz or 110V 60Hz configurations.
  • Dimensions: 570 x 580 x 700 mm (Width x Depth x Height).
  • Display: 480 x 272 TFT LCD Capacitive Touch Panel.
  • Weight: 35 kg.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Microprocessor Control: Streamlines testing with automated calculations and settings adjustments.
  • Dual Zone Heating: Maintains precise temperature control for consistent results.
  • ECO Mode: Optimizes energy use during operations.
  • Auto Cut-Off Device: Improves safety and consistency of extrudate cutting.
  • Techni-Test 2™ Software: Offers advanced data management and analysis capabilities.
  • One-Year Warranty: Ensures reliability and support from the manufacturer.

Ideal for laboratories and manufacturing settings where polymer quality control is crucial, the MFR200 Melt Flow Indexer sets a new standard in melt flow testing, combining robust functionality with user-centric design to deliver outstanding performance and reliability.

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