Mettler Toledo – LE pH Electrode LE438-IP67 (30247153)


Manufactured by Mettler Toledo

3-in-1 plastic pH electrode with integrated temperature sensor for pH field use, samples with fluctuating temperatures; low-maintenance.

Ensures your entire portable measuring system (FiveGo meter and LE sensor) is able to withstand wet and demanding environments.

This robust plastic pH electrode is always ready to use and gives fast and precise results.

The integrated temperature probe guarantees you always measure with the appropriate temperature compensation.



Product Specifications

Measuring range pH 0 – 14
Temperature range 0 °C ;
80 °C
Connector BNC/RCA (Cinch) IP67
Type of junction Polyester
Shaft Material POM
Sensor type Combined electrode
Shaft length 120 mm
Shaft Diameter 12 mm
Cable 2 m
Parameter pH
Reference System Ag/AgCl
Reference electrolyte Gel
Membrane glass U
Membrane resistance (25°C) < 250 mΩ
Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®) No
Temperature probe NTC 30 kΩ
For portable meter Yes
Low Maintenance Yes
Signal type Analog
Sample General purpose;
Base Unit Temperature Range 0 °C ;
80 °C
Cable and connectors 2.0 m BNC/RCA (Cinch), IP67
Cable included Yes
Connector on Sensor Fixed 2 m cable
Connector to Meter BNC/RCA (Cinch)
Minimum Sample Volume ul 20 ml
Minimum sample volume µl 20 ml
Sample Composition Aqueous
Sample Consistency Liquid;
Sample temperature 0°-100°C
Sample Volume >= 20 ml
Sensor characteristics Temperature probe;
Mechanically robust
Typical Samples Water;
Beer, Suspended soil


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