Mettler Toledo- pH electrode LE409 (51340331)


Manufactured by Mettler Toledo

Glass pH electrode with liquid electrolyte for simple and rapid measurements in the laboratory, aqueous samples such as acids, bases etc.; refillable electrolyte

Easy-to-use wetting cap with a self-tightening screw lock that guarantees clean and secure electrode storage.

With ceramic junction, Ag/AgCl reference system, 3M KCl sat. AgCl electrolyte, 120 mm glass shaft, diameter 12 mm, 1.0 m cable, BNC

METTLER TOLEDO offers pH and other sensors for all kinds of applications


Product Specifications

Measuring range pH 0 – 14
Temperature range 0 °C ;
80 °C
Connector BNC
Type of junction Ceramic
Shaft Material Glass
Sensor type Combined electrode
Shaft length 120 mm
Shaft Diameter 12 mm
Cable 1 m
Parameter pH
Reference System Ag/AgCl
Reference electrolyte 3 mol/l KCl AgCl saturated
Membrane glass HA
Membrane resistance (25°C) < 600 mΩ
Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®) No
Temperature probe No
For portable meter No
Low Maintenance No
Signal type Analog
Sample General purpose;
High-ion strength;
Reference electrolyte Order no. 51343184
Base Unit Temperature Range 0 °C ;
80 °C
Cable and connectors 1.0 m BNC
Cable included Yes
Connector on Sensor Fixed 1 m cable
Connector to Meter BNC
Minimum Sample Volume ul 20 ml
Sample Composition High salt content (aqueous)
Sample Consistency Liquid
Sample temperature 0°-100°C
Sample Volume >= 20 ml
Sensor characteristics Chemically robust
Typical Samples Sea water;


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