Mettler Toldeo – pH electrode InLab Expert Pro


Manufactured by Mettler Toledo

A combination pH electrode with integrated temperature probe, PEEK shaft and fixed cable. Designed for general applications in the lab and outdoors; robust and maintenance-free.

PEEK shaft with excellent chemical and mechanical resistance, a real heavy-duty sensor.

Thanks to the solid XEROLYT® reference electrolyte, no membrane junction is needed. No junction, no clogging.

The integrated temperature probe guarantees you always measure with the right temperature compensation.


Product Specifications

Measuring range pH 0 – 14
Temperature range 0 °C ;
100 °C
Type of junction Open junction
Shaft Material PEEK
Sensor type Combined electrode
Shaft length 120 mm
Shaft Diameter 12 mm
Cable 1.2 m
Parameter pH
Reference System ARGENTHAL™ with Ag+-trap
Reference electrolyte XEROLYT® Polymer
Membrane glass U
Membrane resistance (25°C) < 250 mΩ
Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM®) No
Temperature probe NTC 30 kΩ
Low Maintenance Yes
Signal type Analog
Cable included Yes
Connector on Sensor Fixed 1.2 m cable
Connector to Meter BNC/RCA (Cinch)
Minimum Sample Volume ul 20 ml
Sample Composition Aqueous
Sample Consistency Liquid;
Sample temperature 0°-100°C
Sample Volume >= 20 ml
Sensor characteristics Temperature probe;
Mechanically robust
Typical Samples Water;
Beer, Suspended soil


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