Wire Rope Tensile Testing Grips

Wire Rope Tensile Testing Grips

Manufactured by AJT Equipment Limited

Wire Rope Tensile Testing Grips, specially designed for the testing of large diameter wire ropes up to 75mm / 3 inch diameter.

Bespoke design that ensures the grips can be manufactured to fit any make and model of tensile testing machine.

Manufactured by AJT in the West Midlands UK who have been making test machines since 1951.

Wire Rope Tensile Testing Grips Features

The grips are secured to the test bed anchor points, allowing the grip to be locked into the correct test position. The corresponding wedge inserts are fitted for the diameter of wire rope to be tested. The grips are then closed and the tensile force is applied until the target force is reached.

  • Traditional wedge grip design
  • Gripping force increases as the test force increases
  • AJT’s proven design for testing wire ropes
  • Can be designed to fit any make or model of test machine.

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