Vertical Plane Horizontal Tensile Test Machines

Vertical Plane Horizontal Tensile Test Machines

Manufactured by AJT Equipment Limited

Vertical Plane Horizontal Tensile Test Machines are a versatile tensile testing machine suited to testing or chains, ropes and shackles. The big advantage to this design is the open test area that makes in perfect for the testing of spreader beams etc.

These Vertical Plane Horizontal Tensile Test Machines have been made in the UK by AJT who have been making Tensile Test Machines for over 70 years!

Vertical Plane Horizontal Tensile Test Machines Features

All machines from AJT are 100% bespoke, ensuring each machine meets the customer requirements. Based on either previous machine builds or designed from the ground up.

Safety and easy operation comes first with all machine builds. Ensuring fast testing without any risk to the operator.

Vertical Plane Horizontal Tensile Test Machines are the perfect solution for ultimate tensile strength, proof load, cyclic testing of a wide range of materials and components. The unique vertical plane design makes the testing of long structures such as spreader beams possible.

  • Flexible modular design allows long test beds to be constructed with the option the bed can be extended in the future.
  • All safety covers are interlocked to ensure the machine can not operate without them being securely in place. These can be pneumatically, hydraulically or manually operated.
  • Machines can have full PC control or be manually operated.
  • With the full PC control there is an option for data capture software which is configured to generate test reports to your requirements.
  • Uniquely designed roller carriage which makes testing at any length possible along the full length of the test bed.
  • Typically calibrated to the requirements of ISO 17001-1 however any International or National Standard can be accomodated.
  • Suitable for both cyclic and static testing.
  • Worldwide support for sales, installation, training, service and calibration.
  • Typical machine capacities from 5 tonnes (11,000 ibs) to 2000 tonnes (4,400,000 ibs).

AJT based in the Black Country which is part of the West Midlands is home of the UK engineering industry. AJT have been building test machines since 1951!

Contact us today and our experienced sales engineers are on hand to help determine the specification Vertical Plane Horizontal Tensile Test Machine to your exact needs, we don’t believe in compermises. 

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