Dynamic Chain Block Test Machine

Dynamic Chain Block Test Machine

Manufactured by AJT Equipment Limited

Dynamic Chain Block Test Machine is designed for the testing of manual chain blocks, pull lifts and tirfors in accordance with LOLER requirements. Traditionally these test were performed using large dead weights which take up a lot of space and also more dangerous to use.

Dynamic Chain Block Test Machine applies the loads hydraulically and measures the exact load with a load cell. This ensures a small footprint for the machine, faster and safer testing.

Designed and manufactured by AJT in the West Midlands UK, AJT have been building test machines since 1951!

Dynamic Chain Block Test Machine Features

The hydraulic system is used to set the required load, the hoist is then mounted and the host is operated through its full inspection checking for slip and safe operation in accordance with LOLER testing requirements. It’s possible to adapt the test frame for load testing of smaller lifting equipment.

  • Safe operation is key, all guarding is interlocked ensuring the machine will not operate unless all guards are in place.
  • The load applied is measured by the supplied AJT manufactured wireless load cell which is mounted at the pulling clevis.
  • Optional PC control with test report generation allowing fast testing of chain blocks and other similar lifting equipment.
  • Calibrated to the requirements of ISO 7500-1 or other standard to your needs.
  • Small footprint compared to a deadweight tester
  • Worldwide support for sales, installation, training, service and calibration.

AJT based in the Black Country which is part of the West Midlands which is home of the UK engineering industry. AJT have been building test machines for over 70 years. 

Contact us today and our experienced sales engineers are on hand to help determine the specification of your Chain Block Test Machine to your exact needs, we don’t believe in compermises. 


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