Horizontal Tensile Test Machine

Horizontal Tensile Test Machine

Manufactured by AJT Equipment Limited

Horizontal Tensile Test Machine manufactured in the U.K. by AJT, AJT have been designing and making Horizontal Tensile Test Machine since 1951!

Horizontal Tensile Test Machines are especially suited for testing long items such as rope, slings, chains, belts or other large or long test pieces.

Horizontal Tensile Test Machine Features

At AJT all machines are designed and manufactured to meet each customers exact requirements. Each machine is either based on a machine built previously or deigned completely from the ground up.

Safe and ease of operation are always at the forefront of any machine with a focus on ensuring compliance with all machinery directive standards.

Horizontal Tensile Test Machines are particularly suited to proof load, destructive load, long cycle cyclic testing across a wide range of industries and materials. These machines offer a flexible base to perform all types of tests within a single machine making these a cost effective option.

  • Modular design that allows any test length to be accommodated, or the machine can be extended at a later date.
  • Interlocked safety covers which can be hydraulically or manually operated.
  • Options or manual or full PC control.
  • Powerful data capture software as an option. Allowing the generation of detailed test reports to your exact requirements.
  • Roller carriage to allow multiple test lengths to be accommodated with ease at any point along the length of the test bed.
  • Calibrated as standard to ISO 7500-1 or any other National or International standard required.
  • Typically these types of machine range from 5 tonnes (11,000 ibs) to 2000 tonnes (4,400,000 ibs).
  • Static or cyclic tests can be performed.
  • Worldwide delivery, installation, calibration and support available.

All AJT machines are designed and built in the West Midlands (Black County) which is the home of the UK engineering industry. AJT has been building test machines for over 70 years! 

Contact us today and our experienced sales engineers are on hand to help determine the specification of  the machine to your exact needs. 

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