Rapid-Köthen Sheet Former

Rapid-Köthen Sheet Former

Manufactured by Techlab Systems

Rapid-Köthen Sheet Former is for the preparation of laboratory sheets of pulp for physical testing.

The Rapid-Köthen device is constructed within a heavy duty warp resistant stainless-steel frame. This robust base holds the pump, hot water boiler, suction chamber, etc. On the left-hand side of the worktable, you can find the sheet forming column, the white-water tank and the white water
thermostat (C model only).

The dryers are located on the right-hand side. They can be operated separately. The worktable consists of only a few important control switches to ensure workspace for the transferring process between sheet former and dryer. Adjustments and setting for the automatic sheet forming process as well as parameters for the drying process can be controlled by using the touch screen (A and C model only) located next to the dryer timers and gauges.

Rapid-Köthen Sheet Former  Conforms to the following standards ISO 5269-2 – DIN 54358

Rapid-Köthen Sheet Former Features

Rapid-Köthen Sheet Former comes in three versions.

Rapid-Köthen Sheet Manual Former (RK-M)

The manual former is equipped with a six-position-switch by which each of the sheet-forming steps (filling, agitation, calming, fall-through, sucking and draining) can be selected manually. To control the temperature of the dryers, the device is furthermore equipped with a digital display for setting the dryer temperature.

Rapid-Köthen Sheet Automatic Former (RK-A)Rapid-Köthen Sheet Former Heads

The automatic former is equipped with a touch screen panel on which all the times for each step can be adjusted. The device runs through these steps automatically upon pushing the start button. Additionally, it is equipped with a manual 6-position switch. The user can change from automatic to manual sheet forming any time.

Rapid-Köthen Automatic Sheet Former with White Water Circulation-System (RK-C)

The former with circulation water system is working just like the automatic former. However, instead of draining the water to the drainage after sheet- forming, the water can get stored in a separate tank by switching a button on the touch screen. When another sheet is formed, the stored water is used to fill the former column. After a circle of several sheets, the stored water can be taken out by opening a tap on the side of the device and chemical analysis of the white-water can be done.

Drying Process

The Rapid Köthen Sheet Formers are equipped with up to five dryers. The temperature of 94–97 °C is reached due to a water circulation system. Each dryer can dry one hand sheet within 5 to 10 minutes depending on the grammage of the sheet. After the forming process, the sheet gets placed into an empty dryer. The dryer gets closed, and the start button of that specific dryer is pushed. The vacuum pump starts to suck the air out of the dryer. Due to the vacuum in the dryer, the membrane lowers onto the sheet and applies pressure to it. After the preset time has passed, a sound signals the end of the drying process. By pressing the stop button, air is released into the dryer and the dryer-cover can be lifted. After taking out the sheet, the carrier board and the cover sheet are removed, and the hand-sheet can be further processed.

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