Pulp Disintegrator

Pulp Disintegrator

Manufactured by Techlab Systems

To enable standardized disintegration of cellulose pulps.

In accordance with the requirements of TAPPI T205, ISO 5263, SCAN C.18/M2, NF Q 50002, UNE 57026, PAPTC C6

Pulp Disintegrator Standard Features

  • Revised compact and modern design
  • Manufactured from Stainless steel
  • Top moveable to enable easy cleaning.
  • No of revolutions pre-selected on digital control
  • High performance, low noise and low voltage motor
  • All electrical parts contained and protected in upper part of the machine
  • Acrylic pulp container or optionally stainless steel
  • Easy to use


A disintegrator consisting of:

•A cylindrical container provided with four vanes on the inside.

•A propeller mounted on a vertical shaft, driven by electric motor.

▪A counter for recording the number of revolutions of the shaft.

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