Paper Sheet Press (Pneumatic)

Paper Sheet Press (Pneumatic)

Manufactured by Techlab Systems

Paper Sheet Press A blotting paper is first placed on the bottom plate of the press. On the other hand, the wet sheet of paper adhered to the blotter is placed. Next, and on the wet sheet of paper, a drying plate is placed, with its polished side down, followed by another blotting paper, on which the next blotter will be supported with another sheet adhered to it (in the case of pressing multiple sheets of paper at the same time). It should be checked that the test sheets are centered as much as possible.

The set consists of dry blotter, wet blotter, wet sheet of paper and drying plate, repeated several times. A dry blotting paper is placed on the last drying plate.

The stack of sheets is placed in the press and this is put into operation, until reaching an effective pressure of 400 ± 10 kPa in 20 ± 10 seconds. This pressure is maintained for a time of 5 minutes, and after these have elapsed, the pressure is lowered and the stack of sheets is removed from the press.After this first pressing, the test sheets must be firmly adhered to the polished metal plates and any sheet that is not, will be rejected. Then a second pressing is performed, in which the order of the test sheets is reversed, and all sheets of blotting paper are replaced. To do this, the first drying plate of the first pressing is placed, with the test sheet attached to it (with the test sheet facing up) in a dry blotter.

The stack now consists of a dry blotter, drying plate with the test sheet, and a dry blotter, repeated this several times. The test sheets are pressed again, raising the pressure to 400 ± 10 kPa. This pressure is maintained for a period of 2 minutes. The pressure is then reduced, and the sheet stack is removed from the press.

  • Made of corrosion resistant material
  • Drainage channel in bottom plate for water evacuation
  • Maximum opening: 210 mm•Travel: 75 mm
  • Maximum pressure force: 16 KN
  • Dimension of the plate: 350 x 350 mm
  • Adjustable pressure time using two timers
  • Security door with electric interlocking
  • CE marked


TAPPI T205 -ISO 5269/1 –SCAN C26/M5 –PAPTAC C4…

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