Valley Beater for Beating of Pulp

Valley Beater for Beating of Pulp

Manufactured by Techlab Systems

Valley Beater for laboratory beating of pulps under standardised conditions.

Pulp fibres in suspension with water pass between rotating and stationary metal bars under controlled pressure and speed of rotation.

The beater can be used to produce pulp samples of increasing degrees of beating from free to wet. Which can be formed into laboratory hand sheets for testing without the need of full scale trails on a paper machine

  • Stainless steel beating tank
  • Adjustable pressure of beating process by weighted lever
  • Tank volume 35 litres
  • 360 gram sample
  • Physical properties, colouring, mass pasting, freeness and beating testing
  • Manufactured by Techlab Systems (TLS) in Spain

The Valley Beater conforms to the requirements of the following standards

ISO 5264/1  TAPPI T200 & T205  SCAN C 25  PAPTAC C.2

TLS General Catalogue

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