Pfund Cryptometer Rhopoint

Pfund Cryptometer Rhopoint

Manufactured by Rhopoint Instruments

Pfund Cryptometer is a wedge type film applicator, for determining the wet hiding power (opacity) of a coating very quickly and easily.

Key Features:

  • Accurate and simple determination of wet film hiding power
  • Determines wet film thickness for complete opacity
  • Estimates coverage of coating in square meters per litre
  • Great instrument for quality control purposes

Pfund Cryptometer Design:

The Pfund Cryptometer has a glass plate and a base that’s half black and half white. Both halves have a engraved scale from 0 to 50 mm along one edge starting from the centre point of the base. Two glass plates are supplied with the instrument, these have two supports at one end so that the glass top plates rest at an angle when they are placed on the black and white plate.

The two top glass plates differ in length of their supports to enable a different angle to be formed between the top and bottom plates. A wedge constant (K) is given to each glass top plate. The (K) constant varies from K= .002 to K= .0035, K= .004, K= .007 and the largest K= .008, the popular constants being K= .004 and K= .008

For method of use see the data sheet.

Pfund Cryptometer Conversion Tables

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