PROFILE / Plus Color Touch – Technidyne

PROFILE / Plus Color Touch – Technidyne

Manufactured by Technidyne

PROFILE / Plus Color Touch

Automated ISO Brightness, Color, Fluorescence and Opacity

Consistence in visual characteristics of paper products most often drives the market acceptance of a product. The PROFILE/Plus™ Color Touch supplies unmatched capacity for appearance evaluation.

Designed to be in exact compliance with ISO Optical Standards, the PROFILE/Plus™ Color Touch utilizes the same optical design, spectral detectors, and analyzers as Technidyne’s other spectrophotometers, the Color Touch 2 and the Color Touch PC.

Incorporating this standardization with PROFILE/Plus™ automation produces a powerful evaluation tool for the paper industry.

  • Versatility – The PROFILE/Plus™ Color Touch can measure the same sample under 3 different UV sources and calculate color data with 6 color spaces, 10 illuminants and 2 observers.
  • Configurability – PROFILE/Plus™ Color Touch can be optionally equipped with ERIC 950TM technology for measuring recycled content and deinking efficiency.
  • Ingenuity – Many different sample backings allow you to design test routines specific to machines and grades.

Calibration service available please ask for a price.

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PROFILE / Plus Color Touch meets the following industry standards:

  • ISO Standards 2469, 2470, 2471, 3688, 5631, 9416, 11475, 11476, 12625, 22754, 22891
  • TAPPI Optical Methods T519, T525, T527, T534, T560, T567
  • PAPTAC E.1, E.2, E.5, E.8

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