Test/Plus TAPPI Opacity

Test/Plus TAPPI Opacity

Manufactured by Technidyne

Paper opacity testing that is simple, adaptable and exact. Introducing the new TEST/Plus™ product line and TEST/Plus Opacity. The TEST/Plus™ Opacity is Technidyne’s latest instalment in its new innovative TEST/Plus™ product line.

Opacity is a fundamental part of the visual perception of paper products. When adding pigments and dyes to control or meet your opacity specifications, an accurate and industry standard test is critical.

The TEST/Plus™ Opacity true innovation is its adaptive interface. Built on the Android software platform, the interface can be customised with the features and capabilities important to you.​

  • Touch Screen operation – The Tablet is the key. Moving around in the software is as easy as using your smartphone.
  • Adaptive User Interface  – Apps are the key element to the TEST/Plus ™interface. Keep it simple or make it advanced.
  • Apps – Averaging and Statistics, Data Export, Printing and Scattering-Absorption are some of the Apps available.

Meets the following industry standards:

TAPPI Test Method T425

ASTM Test Method D589

Flexible Packaging Standard B8

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