PFI Mill Laboratory Beater PFI (Type) Mill

PFI Mill Laboratory Beater PFI (Type) Mill

Manufactured by Techlab Systems

PFI Mill for the preparation of chemical pulps by beating under laboratory conditions as well as the defibration of semi digested raw material fibres.

Laboratory Beater PFI (Type) Mill Key Features

  • Economic design for fast operation with small volumes of pulp
  • Can be used to beat 5 to 40g of pulp with a concentration of 5 to 50% (450 ml maximum in suspension)
  • Repeatable results for use by R&D and quality control
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Beater is raised by electric motor

Conforms to the requirements of the following standards

ISO 5264-2, TAPPI T248, DIN-EN 25264-2, PAPTAC, SCAN C 24

AML is the UK exclusive distributor of the laboratory Beater PFI which is manufactured in Spain by TLS 

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