Chip Classifier

Chip Classifier

Manufactured by Techlab Systems

Chip Classifier is for the fast accurate and reproducible classification of wood chip by size and thickness used for the production of mechanical or chemical pulps.

The Chip Classifier uses a standard sized screens mounted on a mechanism that shakes the screens at a specified frequency. The fractionated chips are then collected from each screen, weighted and the contents from each screen can be calculated as a percentage

Chip Classifier compiles with the requirements of

TAPPI UM 21 – SCAN CM 40:8


Standard Features

      • Chip Quality Optimization Tool
      • Robust chip classifier
      • Screener optimization tool

The standard version is supplied with :
1st Station, with 45 mm (1,77”) diameter holes
2nd Station, with 10 mm (.393”) wide slots
3rd Station, with 8 mm (.315”) wide slots
4th Station , with 7 mm (.276”) diameter holes
5th Station, with 3 mm (.118”) diameter holes
6th Station, dust pan collection

NOTE: Other trays are available optionally

Manufactured in Spain by TLS. AML are the exclusive UK agent for their range of test equipment.




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